Merry Christmas Eve everyone! This is my favorite time of year and I always look forward to the holiday traditions that we have made with family and friends throughout the years. My family is Italian and Polish and now Jamaican (my hubby’s family). Every Christmas Eve, my family and I would make homemade pierogies together. It was a tradition we started with my grandmother (her hand written recipe pictured below). If you don’t know or have never had pierogies you are missing out! I’ll provide aย link hereย to learn more about this amazing food! Our favorite kinds to make are traditional potato pierogi of course, then my absolute fav is the sauerkraut pierogi, and then lastly mushroom pierogi. We also have grandma’s homemade recipe of mushroom soup as well. Yum! Brings back so many memories! We can’t forget the Christmas cookie making too. There was always plenty of that!

Decorating has always been one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I love decorating the tree every year and as I am taking out each ornament to hang on our tree, I reminisce about the memories behind each one. When my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple we started the tradition of buying a new ornament every year from a different place we had traveled that year or just an ornament we both loved, and wrote the highlights of the past year on the back of the ornament. I love this idea because as you decorate the tree every year you can look back fondly on all of your beautiful memories that were made that year.

Also on Christmas Eve, we love to drive around as a family and look at all the neighborhood decorations. It warms my heart to think of our traditions year after year. ย What are your favorite Christmas Eve traditions and yummy foods to make? I would love to hear!! comment below!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!




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