Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday season and rang in the New Year with a bang!

On New Year’s Eve, we had our gender reveal party! Ryan, my husband, and I went to the gender sonogram on December 30th but we didn’t find out if the baby was a boy or girl until our gender rev

eal party on December 31st. I have to admit, I was originally opposed to the whole “gender reveal party.” It was all Ryan’s idea. I was all set on finding out the gender of the baby together in the doctor’s office and that was it. But….when we starting talking about it and Ryan said that he thought it would be really special to have a gender reveal party with family and friends there and we would all find out together, I started thinking how really sweet that would be. And boy…(no pun intended) I am gl


ad that we did it the way we did.

On December 30, we went to Sneak Peak Studios. We wanted to go to a private studio so that we could find out what the baby was at 18 weeks (our doctor’s office would only do it at 20 weeks) and of course we had to know before the New Year, right? I loved going to a private studio for this because it was so much more intimate than the doctor’s office and we didn’t feel rushed at all before, during, or after the sonogram. The actual studio was in an old building in downtown Jacksonville, it was really beautiful.

During the sonogram, we had family there with us and it was so cool to see our little man moving so much on the screen, as he was “breakdancing” according to my husband. Granted, at this time we still didn’t know whether or not our baby was a boy or girl. I have to say and chuckle at my husband for this one because after we got out of the sonogram he was convinced that the baby was a girl and that he had it all figured out because of a “clue” that the sonographer gave away in the sonogram. I told him no way that he didn’t know anything and that he was crazy! I was still convinced it was a boy, just as I have always felt from the beginning. Even though we both didn’t care one way or the other…boy or girl. Only my mom and sister-in-law were going to find out that day after being given a sealed envelope. They were then going to go home and fill the gender reveal piñata with either pink or blue.

The day had come and it was finally New Year’s Eve and the day of our Gender Reveal Party! We had so many friends and family come to share in this special day that we were overjoyed. I wanted to make sure even our out of town friends and family were able to share in the moment with us so we decided to do a live facebook video! How much do we all love the live video option for moments like these? I’ll have to admit I definitely wasn’t a pro at all as this was my first live video experience hosting one myself. Lol It was still pretty fun, do you guys maybe want to see more live videos in the future? Any suggestions? Please email me here to let me know.

We gathered everyone in our backyard and had our little nephew there to help us break the piñata. We love our nephew so much, he’s 2 ½ now, and understands to a certain extent that there is a baby in “Ju Ju’s” belly (my nickname since he was born). It is beyond cute because he always tries to lift up my shirt to see where the baby is.

Ok… so we were suppose to be able to pull the strings at the bottom of the piñata and have it break but the strings broke off themselves! So… we were once again left in suspense! We had to have a little assistance to get the piñata to finally break but when it did blue came bursting out everywhere! We also gave everyone poppers to pull after we pulled our piñata. It was such a blissful moment sharing it with everyone that we loved so much. And….IT’S A BOY! I knew it! Ryan and I both didn’t care either way but I know deep down he was hoping for a boy first. It made me so happy to look over and see his face smiling so bright.

Thank you to Pink Blush and Bauble Bar for making me feel glam on our big day!

Outfit details: Dress from Pink Blush

Necklace: Bauble Bar

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