As you all know I am such a product junkie and love to get my hands on gadgets and products that will make life easier especially with a little one around now.  A lot of you have been asking about my picks for must-haves products/tool for moms especially new mommies like me!  I am by no means an expert but I definitely want to share with you guys what has made my life easier since baby boy has come along.  I’ve linked all of my must-haves at the end of the post or you can just click the links below to shop.

1.  Milk Snob

Absolutely love this brand for modern parents! You can use this cover as a cover for your infant car seat (keep your baby protected from all of those germs), as a nursing cover, a cover for your high chair or grocery store cart, and much more! I cannot tell you how many compliments we get on this daily and also how useful this product is for us.

2.  Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

Love love love this stroller!  This was definitely an investment for us but since we want to have more kids we thought that this stroller was the way to go.  It can hold up to 3 kids at once and will definitely grow with our family.  It has a second seat option and a “piggy back” option for older siblings wanting to ride.  I absolutely love the color options (we got the Taylor model) and chic design of course but the functionality is amazing!  The bottom basket can hold my nephew…literally!  It holds up to 35 pounds! I love that it came with a bassinet and so many other accessories (bug shield, rain shield).  The bassinet is also tested and approved for over night sleeping and there is an option to purchase a bassinet stand.  We also got the travel bagparent organizer,  and handle bar cover too.  If you have the Uppa Baby infant car seat it will snap right in but there are also other attachments for other brand car seats as well.  We have a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat and we just got the extra attachments and this allows for our seat to just snap right onto the stroller. The wheels on this stroller also are very durable and I know they won’t be wearing out anytime soon.  Also, Uppa Baby has amazing customer service and a great warranty as well.  Check out all of the features of their strollers and products here.

**Milk Snob cover featured over the car seat in picture above.**

3.  Huggies

We tried several different brands of diapers and wipes before deciding on these.  We had some problems with some diapers leaking and some wipes drying out too quickly or simply not being easily accessible during a need for a quick diaper change.  We love the Little Snugglers (these fit him just right and of course we love the Disney designs) and the Natural Care Baby Wipes  (alcohol, paraben, and fragrance free with a touch of Vitamin E).

4. Joovy Boob Bottles

Finding the right bottle for little man was quite the journey.  We probably went through 4 bottles before we found that the Joovy “boob” bottles were the right fit for Tristan.  I definitely wanted a glass bottle for him and we tried some other brands that were suppose to help with gassiness and colic but it just wasn’t the right fit.  One of my dear friends was using the Joovy bottles and her baby was gassy as well.  She recommended them to us and we haven’t looked back since.  I love the glass option of these bottles but I also love that the cleaning is easy as well, there aren’t many parts to the bottle but there is a “clean flow vent” that allows for less air into the bottle while baby is feeding making it anti-colic, it vents consistently no matter how the bottle is held, and prevents nipple collapse.  We absolutely love this product and cannot say enough about it.  It has definitely helped Tristan so much with his tummy troubles!!

5.  Mustela

Ah…mustela, how I love you so much!  Again…I cannot rav about this brand enough.  We use the foam shampoo (great for cradle cap), gentle cleansing gel, diaper rash cream, facial cleansing cloths, no rinse cleansing water, soothing moisturizing lotion (has worked great for his dry skin on body and face), stelatria purifying recovery cream (I use this as a spot treatment for his really irritated areas). Probably around month 2, Tristan had really bad baby acne.  I had always heard that the Mustela products were amazing for babies and I had always wanted to try them when I had a baby.  I decided to make him his own little skincare routine. 🙂 I use the no rinse cleansing water day and night all over his face and scalp too, then I’ll use the stelatria cream on the affected areas (kind of as his “serum” step) also day and night, and then I’ll use the soothing moisturizing lotion all over his face and body, day and night.  Within a couple days, I cannot tell you the difference that these products made on his skin!  These products are also great for adults too if you should have any skin irritations!!

6.  Mommy’s Bliss and Little Remedies

These products from both of these brands have made coping with Tristan’s colic and lactose intolerance so much easier.  We love the Gripe Water from Mommy’s Bliss and swear by the Gas Relief Drops from Little Remedies. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water doesn’t contain gluten, starch, dairy, wheat, yeast, dill, chamomile, alcohol, parabens, artificial colors, artificial flavors, binders, sucrose (table sugar), fillers or petroleum-based by-products.  A little tip that I learned from a friend is to put the Gripe Water into the bottle with the milk if you are bottle feeding, that way you don’t have to give a separate dose to baby and he can just drink it right along with the milk during feeding time.  Little Remedies does not have artificial dyes, sodium bicarbonate, or gluten. I love that both of these products are fast acting and that you can give them to baby several times in a 24 hour period (definitely see the packaging for proper dosage).  We received this new baby essentials starter kit as a gift. Lifesaver!

7.   Nuk Pacifiers

Ok…so always said that I wouldn’t be one of those moms that used a pacifier…well guess what?! I totally am!  I have definitely learned in the past 3 months that you do whatever you can to make your baby comfortable (especially when our poor little man has colic).  Day 2 in the hospital in the middle of the night when Tristan was crying and wouldn’t stop I thought…hey…I brought one of these free pacifiers we got in one of the congrats bags from Target I think?  We tried it and ever since then he’s been

hooked! We probably have about 7 on hand at all times just in case.  We like using the pacifier clips too to help keep them from getting lost all over.  I got these cute ones from Amazon.  Nuk pacifiers have been Tristan’s fav and we can’t get enough!!  Especially since we found Disney ones!!

8.  Petunia Pickle Bottom

I got this diaper bag as a gift from my sister-in-law and absolutely love it!  You can use it as a backpack or just sling it over you as a cross body.  Also, it’s very gender neutral where my husband doesn’t mind carrying it around.  It has a zip out diaper changing station (which you can also easily throw in the washer if needed), comes with a plastic wipes case, the inside of the bag is really spacious with 2 pockets for bottles, has stroller straps and much more.

9.  Baby Bjorn Original

Ok…so I tried the Moby wrap and Tristan never really liked that much at all.  He never liked his hands being confined.  He loves to be held and close to me so in order for me to be able to multi task we decided to look into getting the Baby Bjorn. We also have the Ergo baby but he isn’t big enough to fit into it yet and the Baby Bjorn is less cumbersome to carry him in at this age.  It is easy to put on by yourself and easy to clean.  When your baby has proper neck control too you can have them face outwards in this carrier.  Tristan has loved it and this has made our life easier as well!

10.  Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Breast Feeding has not been easy for me to say the least, but has of course been so worth it for my baby boy.  That being said, this pillow has made it so much easier and more comfortable for me and for baby.  I love that it helps to support my posture because early on I really had a problem with hunching over when I breast fed.  It also has a spare pocket for a bottle of water and/or a burp cloth or whatever else you may need while breast feeding.

P.S. For all the mommies out there breast feeding, I have found that Lechitin capsules have really helped prevent blockage in my milk ducts.  I got mastitis early on after giving birth and it was so painful!  My sister-in-law is a pediatric nurse and recommended the supplement and I haven’t had any trouble since (fingers crossed). These are the lechitin capsules that I bought.

Hopefully you guys made it all the way down to the bottom here.  I know this post was long winded but I felt it appropriate with the new site to go ahead and finally get this post up that so many of you have been requesting!  Have you tried any of these products or have any other products that I should try? What else would you like to see me talk about?  Comment below because I definitely would love to know!  Until next time…..xoxo

***Thank you to Milk Snob for sponsoring this post.

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